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Welcome to the new - the new way to access online school payments (iPayImpact) and a variety of additional services to support you and your child.

How to access

In support of West Lothian Council's ambition to continue improvement in parental communications we have been working with national partners to develop a "Parents Portal".

The portal will be developed to provide parents with a clear insight to their child's education and to support transactional communications between parents and the school.

A national consultation exercise was conducted to include the views of parents in the design of the portal. View or Download the report on "Parent views of school engagement and an online portal".

Initially, this new service will introduce basic information about the school and will allow you to:-

  • link to your child
  • view school calendar
  • view your child's class timetable (for pupils in secondary school) *
  • view your child's attendance
  • access Parent Zone and MyWestLothian
  • access online school payments (iPayImpact)

As the product develops we hope to see more services introduced including the replacement of the current paper-based annual data check. 

This is an exciting first phase of a new initiative which enables and creates a digital relationship between parents, pupils and schools, and the Linlithgow cluster has been chosen to participate in a pilot prior to launching to all other West Lothian schools.

Further details will follow as these services become available and the best way to make them available to you is for you to sign up to the portal.

If you currently have a MyGov.Scot (My Account) account or use iPayImpact - you simply need to use your current username and password to log in below. If you do not yet have a MyGov.Scot (My Account) account, you can simply Register online.

Using with your current MyGov.Scot Account

Setting up a MyGov.Scot Account and Using

* Please note that your child's new timetable will not be reflected until the start of the new session (August 2019)