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Associated Organisations

Some local government activities are delivered by organisations associated with the council. Some of these organisations are wholly owned by West Lothian Council or are separate public bodies which are governed by one or more council. These bodies are also covered by FOISA and must adopt their own publication scheme.

Companies wholly owned by West Lothian Council are:

Business Gateway West Lothian Limited, West Lothian Enterprise Limited, and West Lothian Venture Group Limited.  For more information on these organisations contact the Customer Service Centre on 01506 280000, email                                             

Organisations associated with the council but listed separately under Part 3 of Schedule 1 of FOISA are shown below:

Valuation Services

Valuation services are provided on West Lothian Council's behalf by the Lothian Valuation Joint Board, which is responsible for valuation services in the Midlothian, East Lothian, City of Edinburgh and West Lothian council areas.
The Board is responsible for compiling and maintaining two documents:

  •  A Valuation Roll for every non-domestic property situated within the Authority. Non-domestic rates are calculated and charged from the information contained in the Valuation Roll.
  • A Council Tax Valuation List which includes an entry for every Dwelling (house) and this information forms the basis of the calculation for Council Tax Liability.

 The Lothian Electoral Joint Committee, supported by the councils of West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian and City of Edinburgh, carries out electoral registration services on our behalf.
Lothian Valuation Joint Board
Assessor and Electoral Registration Officer
17A South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9FL
Tel: 0131 344 2500

Police Services

Police services are provided by the Scottish Police Authority, which is responsible for police in Scotland.
Scottish Police Authority
Elphinstone House
65 West Regent Street
G2 2AF
Tel: 0141 585 8300

Fire Services

Fire services are provided by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Board
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
5 Whitefriars Crescent
Tel: 01738 475260

Community Justice Authorities

There are eight Community Justice Authorities in Scotland. The Lothian and Borders Community Justice Authority covers the five council areas of West Lothian, Scottish Borders, City of Edinburgh, Mid Lothian and East Lothian. The purpose of the Community Justice Authority is to:

  • reduce the level of re-offending amongst offenders
  • ensure that each of the agencies involved in criminal justice work co-ordinate their activities and ensure that all possible resources are available for the successful rehabilitation of offenders
  • ensure that the activities of criminal justice agencies are focused upon increased community safety and use the most effective methods of working with offenders in order to change their behaviour
  • ensure that services are delivered to a high standard, are based upon best practice and have methods of ensuring management of quality
  • ensure that services are redesigned and prioritised around offender groups which are: less serious/first time offenders; offenders with mental health problems; offenders with substance misuse problems; persistent offenders, including young offenders coming through the youth system; prisoners needing resettlement and rehabilitation services violent, serious and sex offenders; and women offenders .

Lothian and Borders Community Justice Authority
Scottish Borders Area Office
Rosetta Road
EH45 8HL
Tel: 01721 726 314
Email: cjal&


Licensing premises for selling alcohol and for betting and gaming is carried out in West Lothian by the West Lothian Licensing Board
West Lothian Licensing Board
Clerk to the Licensing Board
West Lothian Civic Centre
Howden South Road
EH54 6FF
Tel: 01506 281632
Forth Estuary Transport Authority
Office Manager
Forth Road Bridge Admin Office,
South Queensferry
EH30 9SF
Tel: 0131 319 1699

Organisations delivering council services

Other organisations deliver Council services or work alongside the Council but are not wholly owned by the council, or by a group of councils. Examples include local leisure companies, charitable trusts, or public private partnerships. These organisations are not covered by FOISA.

Alpha Schools (West Lothian) Limited

3rd Floor
Hanover House
45 Hanover Street
Schools: Bathgate Academy, Broxburn Academy, Whitburn Academy, Linlithgow
Bridge Primary and Nursery School, and Low Port Primary School.

HDM Schools Solutions Limited represented by Hochtief PPP Solutions (UK) Limited

2/1 Galt House
31 Bank Street
KA12 0AJ
Schools: Armadale Academy and Deans Community High School
Phone: 0131 240 5050


1st Floor, Hopetoun Gate
8b McDonald Road
Telephone: 0131 524 5165


1st Floor, Hopetoun Gate
8b McDonald Road
Telephone: 0131 524 5150

Scotland Excel

Unit 5, Anchor Mill,
7 Thread Street,
Tel: 0141 842 6600

Partnerships and Agreements

The council also has a relationship with the following companies which have been set up for specific purposes. Accounts of the companies may be obtained on application to the Customer Service Centre, West Lothian Council, West Lothian Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston, EH54 6FF Email:

West Lothian Municipal Bank Limited

The company has carried on business in Armadale as a Bank of Deposit, basically a savings bank, since 1964.  Members of the Council are the sole shareholders and directors of the company. The company does not pay a  dividend and the directors are not paid any remuneration. The Council does not have a shareholding in the company. The Council matches the expenses and interest incurred so that no profit or loss is made. The vast majority of the funds of the company are lent to the Council who guarantee to make good to a depositor any principal and interest due, should the company default in payment.

West Lothian Leisure Limited

The company is an Industrial and Provident Society with charitable status and was set up on 1 February 1998 to take over from that date the operation of the Council's major sport and leisure facilities. The company is managed by a committee of management comprising three councillors, three workforce representatives, three representatives of service users and three representatives of the business community. The Council does not have a shareholding in the company.
West Lothian Leisure
Head Office
Xcite Bathgate
Balbardie Park
Torphichen Road
West Lothian
EH48 4LA
Phone: 01506 776055
Website: West Lothian Leisure

West Lothian Housing Partnership Limited

The Partnership is a Company limited by guarantee and was formally incorporated in1998. In June 2001 the Partnership was registered as a charity with the Inland Version 3.1 Page 13 of 101 November 2012 Revenue and achieved contractual registration with Communities Scotland in November 2001. The company's main aim is to develop and operate new housing for rent. During the financial year the company had 250 properties under management. In return for sponsorship, funding and land the company gave the Council full nomination rights for all initial house lets, reverting to 50% nominations for subsequent vacancies thereafter. The company is managed by a board of fifteen directors comprising one third nominated councillors, one third tenants and one third independent members of the public.
West Lothian Housing Partnership Ltd
3 Michaelson Square
Kirkton Campus
Livingston EH54 7DP
Phone: 01506 460777

Visit West Lothian (VWL)

VWL is a destination management organisation which was established to help develop West Lothian's visitor sector. The company is tasked with improving the visitor services that West Lothian offers, promoting awareness of West Lothian as a key destination and increasing the revenue of our visitor industry.
Visit West Lothian
The Enterprise Centre,
Almondvale Boulevard,
Livingston, EH54 6QP