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Reduce and Reuse

The best way to manage waste is to not produce it at all. Here are some hints and tips to reduce and reuse your waste.


A Swish event aims to stop Fast Fashion by swapping pre-loved clothes and passing them on to someone who can give them a new life.  You can also take away as many items as you bring - money free shopping!


How To Swish

Did you know that the fashion industry has a big impact on our natural resources to make all the beautiful clothes that we wear everyday...and that statistically end up in landfill within a year?  In the UK, around 300,000 tonnes of perfectly good, re-usable clothing is sent to landfill every year and even more sit in the back of a wardrobe.

The Waste Education team have ran Swish and Prom Swish events in West Lothian which have been very successful. 

If you would like to run your own event please check out our handy pdf icon How To Swish [686kb] guide or get in touch at:

Want to Reduce Your Plastic?

It has never been more important to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away.  Programmes such as Blue Planet and War on Plastic have highlighted why reducing our use of plastic is so important, but taking the first steps can be daunting.

Check out our handy top ten tips to reduce your plastic use today:pdf icon Top 10 Swaps to Reduce Your Plastic [570kb]

Reuse Charities in West Lothian

Please use the below list to find charities in West Lothian who can help you reuse or repair your items before they are recycled.

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Transition Linlithgow Logo

Transition Linlithgow

Transition Linlithgow is part of the Transition Network, an international movement of community-led initiatives exploring the benefits of sustainable living.

More Information About Transition Linlithgow

They seek to raise awareness of issues associated with climate change, encourage a reduction in waste of limited natural resources, and protect and improve our local  environment by informing, engaging and supporting the Linlithgow community. They currently run a diverse range of projects including The Transition Linlithgow Tool Library, Active Travel Hub, Electric Bike Hire, plastic Free Linlithgow, gardening Group, weekly NeighbourFood market and a Home Energy Advisory Service. 

Visit the Transition Linlithgow Website for more information and how you can get involved!


HomeAid logo 2
HomeAid logo 2


HomeAid West Lothian is a voluntary organisation that exists to recycle used furniture and to support members of the West Lothian community who face social and economic exclusion.

More Information About HomeAid

HomeAid provides essential furniture and white goods requirements for people who have been homeless and are taking up tenancies.

Included are families, single parents and individuals all in the low-income category, who with the assistance of HomeAid are looking to make the transition from homelessness to a home-making situation. In addition to providing furniture and white goods, the HomeAid project benefits the environment through the recycling and redistribution of second hand furniture and household items. HomeAid are always looking for good reusable furniture and electrical items.

Phone: 01506 652230

Fax: 01506 636059

Address: 12-14 Gideon Street, Bathgate

Times: 9.00am - 4.30pm

Disabled facilities: Disabled access.

Fees: Depending upon referral system also open to members of the public.

Eligibility: Low income/homelessness.


Information for Businesses

Is Your Business 'Good to Go?'

Zero Waste Scotland have developed the 'Good to Go' scheme to support restaurants in reducing their food waste by encouraging customers to take their leftover food home with them. 

Every year, 53,500 tonnes of food is wasted from Scottish restaurants, costing an estimated £64 million. Around two-thirds of this food waste could have been avoided and 34% of this is estimated to be 'plate waste' - good food left by the customer at the end of the meal.

In order to avoid this food waste, Zero Waste Scotland are currently offering FREE starter packs of 300 boxes, bags and communication materials to businesses employing up to 250 employees. For more information please see the Zero Waste Scotland - Good To Go website.

If you would like to request a starter pack please contact Zero Waste Scotland:


Call:  01786 237 361

Good to Go Boxes
Good to Go Boxes