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Building standards performance

Building standards performance figures will be updated on a quarterly basis

Performance is also reported in the Building Standards Verification Annual Performance Report and can be found in related documents.


WLC Building Standards Performance

Q1 19/20

 Q4 18/19

Financial Year 18/19

Key Performance Outcome 1. Average time taken to grant a building warrant.   

Note-: This figure is made up of time taken by both the applicant and WLC as verifier. A large portion of which we have no control over (time spent with agent)

61.33 days


72.363 days


 68.64 days

Key Performance Outcome 2. Percentage of fully achieved construction compliance plans (CCNP).




Key Performance Outcome 3. Percentage of valid building warrant applications assessed within 20 working days.

 100 %

 100 %

 100 %

Management Performance Indicator 1. Percentage of building warrants approved within 6 days of receiving all necessary additional information.




Management Performance Indicator 2. Average time taken to respond to a request for a completion certificate

1.37 days

1.68 days

 1.63 days

Management Performance Indicator 3. Percentage of completion certificates accepted within 3 days of satisfactory final inspection.