Business Continuity

Businesses continuity plans are generic plans designed to help organisations respond to and recover from disruptions, whatever their source and whatever aspect of the business they affect.

Eighty per cent of small businesses affected by major incidents close within 18 months. Ninety per cent of businesses that lose data from disasters shut within two years.

Are you ready?

Can you answer "yes" to the following questions?

  • Does your business have a Continuity Plan?
  • Have you identified someone responsible for leading a crisis response?
  • Do you know what processes are critical to continuing in business?
  • Do you have arrangements to communicate with staff, or their relatives, in a crisis?
  • Could you cope if a large number of staff were absent?
  • Are your business computer records protected and backed up off-site?
  • Are your suppliers (including utilities) resilient with their own Business Continuity Plans? 
  • Can you access essential equipment at short notice? 
  • Have you tested your assumptions about recovering from a business crisis or range of emergencies that might affect your business? 

If you can't answer these questions take action before it is too late. . . . It's your business.

A Business Continuity Management Toolkit is available from The Business Continuity Institute is another source of information which businesses may find useful.