How to apply for a bus pass

Find out where to get an application from, where you can hand it in and information about eligibility and evidence for a bus pass.

Find out about changes to bus passes due to COVID-19 by visiting National Entitlement Card - Bus Passes

Where can I get an application form?

Application forms are available from all West Lothian Council Validation Points.  Alternatively you can call 01506 280000 or email BB/ to request an application form. Please state which type of application you require.

Types of application

  • Application for applicants who are aged 60 and over
  • Application for applicants who are aged 5 and over with a disability (please check the eligibility criteria)

Where should I take my application form?

    Applications should be completed and taken along with all required evidence to any West Lothian Council Validation PointThe applicant should apply in person. The Council will validate eligibility in line with the legislation and guidance issued by the Scottish Government and can only order cards where the applicant meets the criteria.

    Eligibility and Evidence

    You will find details on eligibility criteria and the type of evidence you will be required to produce on Transport Scotland website. You will also find details about the eligibility criteria for companion travel and for those with a visual impairment via Transport Scotland.

    Please note, West Lothian Council have no discretionary powers to issue cards to applicants who do not qualify under the stated criteria.

    If I am Eligible how do I get my card?

    Cards are ordered from the National supplier and sent direct to the successful applicant's home address within 7-10 working days of the order being placed. We recommend that for the aged 60 and over card, you should apply around 2 weeks before your 60th birthday.

    How long will my card be valid for?

    Cards issued on the aged 60 and over criteria do not have an expiry date. Cards issued on a disability criteria will have an expiry date of between 6 months up to a maximum of 3 years depending on the criteria applied under or the length of the qualifying benefit.