On-demand Taxibus Services

A number of Demand Responsive Transport schemes known as Taxibus Services operate in areas of West Lothian where no mainstream public transport service is available.

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This service will only run when passengers pre-book their journey. 

Taxibus for your locality

You can find details of on-demand Taxibus services on Traveline Scotland, including maps, fares, and details of how to book. Head to the West Lothian Taxibus page for information.

How to book a journey

To book a journey, call the Private Hire telephone number within the area you are travelling from (details are contained with the West Lothian Taxibus for your location). Passengers must book their journey at least one hour before they intend to travel, stating which bus stop they wish to be picked up from. The operator will then give you a pick up time from your chosen bus stop.  Please note that passengers using the Newton Taxi Bus can book up to 30 minutes before the intended travel time.