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eMagazine of the month

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This month we are showcasing Scoop magazine. 

Scoop is a magazine for 7 to 12 year olds that publishes all forms of story, told by world renowned authors and illustrators.

Each issue includes short stories, non-fiction, poetry, comics, interviews, reviews, activities and quizzes. We explore everything from punk to painting, from science to poetry, from super-natural phenomena to playwriting!


Available to download from 1st May 2019.  Marvel's: Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude, Spiderman: Spider Island, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time and Transformers vs. G.I. Joe, Vol. 1

eComic of the month

This month's eComic of month is Transformers vs. G.I. Joe, Vol. 1

Earth makes contact with an alien race—and G.I. JOE is on the front lines! But when the TRANSFORMERS arrive—well, let's just say you've never seen TRANSFORMERS or G.I. JOE like this!