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Bed Bugs

West Lothian Council provides a comprehensive service to deal with bed-bug infestations. Bed-bug infestations can take a number of months to control and to be effective requires the total co-operation of the householder.

Legal StatusBedbug
Adult Bedbug

The council does not have a legal duty to provide a pest control service to control bed-bugs.

What does it cost?

Bed-bug treatment costs for non-council houses are:

£53.00 for a complete treatment,

£26.50 for a full treatment for those entitled to any concession.

Non domestic properties are charged at £53.00 for the initial visit then £55.50 per hour or part thereof for each subsequent visit. (Prices exclude VAT)

How quickly will we attend?

We aim to attend calls within 5 working days.

Do I have to do anything before the officer comes out?

There are a number of actions you must take before the pest control officer attends to ensure the treatment is effective in the quickest possible time.

You should only carry these steps out once there has been a definite identification of bedbugs in the property.

  • Loosen the carpet at wall/floor junction, but do not remove it from the room
  • Remove any wall mounted items but do not remove them from the room
  • Remove plug and switch plate covers after isolating the supply to the room.  A certified electrician should be used should you not be comfortable with this.
  • Remove all linen from the bed and base.  These should be bagged and laundered as per below.
  • Empty cupboards and wardrobes of items.
  • Do not remove any items of furniture from the room.  Beds can be treated and do not need to be disposed of.
  • If a mattress is torn and therefore difficult to treat, it can be disposed of but discuss this with the pest-controller.  The mattress should be rendered unusable, sealed and disposed of after being treated with insecticide.

Laundering (as applicable to  specific items) - These are the only conditions which will kill off all stages of the insect

  • Hot 60oC for 30 minutes. or
  • Hot dry 40-45oC for 30 minutes or
  • Dry cleaning or
  • Freezing (Minimum of -17oC) for 10 hours.

What are our working hours?

For the initial visit, we offer a choice of either 08:00 - 12:00 or 12:00 - 16:00 Monday to Friday.  After the initial visit you may agree a revisit with the officer attending out with these hours but we cannot guarantee this will be possible.

We do not work over the weekends or on public holidays.

How long does a treatment take?

Commonly the treatments will take over 4 months of weekly or bi-weekly visits to get rid of bed-bugs from your property.  Bed-bug infestations are very invasive and difficult to eradicate and will result in major upheavals to your normal life.  There is always a risk of re-infestation should the original infestation be brought in by guests.

Do you carry out any works to stop future infestations?

No.  There is no way to ensure you will not get nests in future years as bed-bugs are brought in by people or items and don't live in the environment.