Previous Activities

Previous recycling activities which have taken place in our schools.

Seafield Primary School and Nursery Paper Making and Wormery Challenge.

Seafield Primary School and Nursery were visited by a Waste Officer as part of the school's Eco Days.

Pupils learned how to compost garden and food waste using wormeries and how to make recycled paper.

The school also completed a Waste Audit to measure how much waste is produced by the school and learn how teachers and pupils can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to reduce waste sent to landfill and conserve natural resources. The school's hard work has recently been rewarded with their 5th Green Flag, well done!

Beatlie School Campus, Livingston 

Pupils and teachers from Beatlie School Campus completed a waste audit so they can identify new ways to minimise waste and increase recycling.

They will be trialling the new Spacebuddy recycling bins as part of their action plan and hope to recycle more food waste.