School Rubbish and Recycling Services

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 make the following provisions:

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  • Tri-binsAll businesses, public sector and not-for-profit organisations are required to present metals, plastic, glass, paper and card (including cardboard) for separate collection from 1 January 2014.

  • Food businesses (except in rural areas) which produce more than 5kg of food waste per week to present that food waste for separate collection from 1 January 2016.

Earthcare BinsThere is a legal duty to separate materials for recycling, which SEPA is now enforcing. Waste Services has worked with Facilities Management to provide FREE In-house rubbish and recycling bins to all Council buildings including Council run nurseries and schools.

Spacebuddies are also available free of charge. The coloured bins have been developed to encourage kids to recycle and tidy up. Waste Services have a limited supply of these bins which can be provided, free of charge. Please order early while stocks last!

Space Buddies

  • 84 litre bin capacity
  • For internal & external use
  • WRAP compliant colours for recycling streams
  • Includes recycling label and eyes
  • Small base to fit in your busy classroom 440mm diameter
  • Easy access for children - just 810mm tall
  • Bright colours to appeal to the children
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Clear waste stream labels, coordinated to lids
  • Super strong and durable Plastic (same materials used to make canoes!)
  • Dimensions:Overall height = 810mm (From top of dome to base); 930mm (From top of moulded eye to base).

An increase in recycling is beneficial to the environment and contributes to several of the Eco-Schools topics including: Waste, Litter and Global citizenship. Schools can also benefit from reduced waste disposal costs - Commercial Waste Information

Please complete our Waste Education Request Form if your school requires additional/replacement in-house rubbish and recycling bins and stickers or Spacebuddies. School Caddy A Waste Officer is also available to conduct a waste assembly to promote the recycling services and can offer support and advice for teachers, Business Managers and other school staff.

Please note: Facilities Management are responsible for the servicing of rubbish and recycling bins as part of the new cleaning service standards. Any replacement black bags, clear recycling sacks or food waste caddy liners should be ordered through Facilities Management staff.