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School Work Experience Placement Programme

West Lothian Council schools offer a number of Work Placement opportunities to students.

Short-term placements

These take place within a calendar week

  • Schools are allocated set weeks during the academic session to send out students on a work placement. Students are invited to select a placement from a database of opportunities, or invited to arrange their own placement.

  • Schools may offer these placements opportunities exclusively to their S4s, or to targeted students within the senior phase (S4-6).

  • Additional short-term placement opportunities may be requested/offered outwith a school's allocated work placement week (e.g NHS, SKY, and British Army)

Extended placements

These longer-term placements vary in length, according to need; and may range from a few hours a week, up to four days over any given period of time.

  • Placements may be related to an employability course, and are not presently offered to students via a database, but are sourced independently by schools/students, or offered through the School Vocational Programme or West Lothian College (as part of a student's Foundation Apprenticeship course).

If you're a parent/carer and you'd like further information on the programme please contact either your child's School Work Experience Coordinator, or Transition to Work Coordinator.

Employer support

We're looking for more businesses to support West Lothian Council's School Work Experience Programme.

This successful programme has been running successfully in West Lothian for 13 years. There are no costs to your company and students do not have to be paid.

Currently the majority of our work experience placements are one-week long, however schools are very happy to arrange to part-time placements too.

As well as giving you that 'feel good factor' there are many advantages to your business supporting the programme, including:

  • enhancing your company's image and reputation in the local community

  • Contributing towards your company's Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

  • Making your company more attractive to potential recruits.

  • Motivating and developing your staff.

  • Benefitting from new perspectives that young people could bring to your business.

  • Creating a source of media stories for your company to increase its profile - locally and in the trade press

If you're interested in partnering with us to better prepare pupils for leaving school, or would like to hear more about the programme, please email