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Brown Bins

Information about your brown bin

Information is detailed below on what goes in your brown bin.

On your day of collection, please place your bin on the kerbside with the lid closed by 7am Monday to Saturday.

Please Note: All Christmas trees must be placed inside your Brown bin (with the lid closed) ready for the next scheduled collection date.  Alternatively these can be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.                                                                                       Details of your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre can be found here:                                                                              

Unfortunately, we cannot take anything that is not in the bin. It is vital that all items are in the bin with the lid shut.

What can I put in my brown bin? 

What can go in your Brown Bin

Grass and hedge cuttings
Grass and Hedge Cuttings

Garden weeds
Garden weeds

Except Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, Giant hogweed and other invasive species

Small branches and twigs, leaves and real Christmas trees
Small branches and twigs, leaves and real Christmas trees

Flowers and plants
Flowers and plants

What NOT to put in your Brown Bin
Please don't put these in your brown bin

Brown bin - bagged waste and textiles
Bagged waste and textiles

Including general waste, kitchen or food waste, animal waste/bedding

Brown bin - wood and plastic
Wood, plastic or glass

Brown bin - bricks
Soil, turf, rubble, stones, bricks and plant pots