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National Planning Policy

The third National Planning Framework (NPF3) was published in June 2014. It sets the spatial strategy for Scotland's development over the next 20 years, and designates 14 national developments of strategic importance to Scotland. It sets the high level policy context for development plans in West Lothian.

NPF3 sets the context for development planning in Scotland and provides a framework for the spatial development of Scotland as a whole. NPF3 must be taken into account in all strategic and local development plans in Scotland.

Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) also has to be taken account of in the preparation of development plans. This was approved by Scottish Ministers in June 2014.

The following information gives more detail than the local plan on long term development policies for West Lothian, this includes the approved Strategic Development Plan that covers our area and neighbouring councils, namely the approved SESplan SDP1. The adopted West Lothian Local Plan will in time, be superseded by the West Lothian Local Development Plan. The first key stage of this Local Development Plan is the Main Issues Report which was published in the summer of 2014.