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Accident Prevention

Preventing Accidents on Scaffolding and Building Sites.

Scaffolding allows workers to work at a height. Safety Officers are responsible for inspecting scaffold prior to its use to ensure of its safety.  Workers are trained to work on scaffolding safely.

When the workers are not in attendance or working on site, the scaffolding has to remain is situ for the next working day.  Often, scaffolding can remain erected for some time.

It is at these specific times, that the scaffolding is at its most dangerous. This is NOT a Play Area.

Residents and members of the community are urged to ensure the safety of local children and to report immediately when they are seen on a building site or climbing on scaffolding.

Building sites and scaffolding are 'NO GO AREAS' for children.

RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) website shows accidents do happen.  It details some horrific injuries and deaths of children who have succumbed as a result of accidents involving them as they played on building sites or climbed on scaffolding.

West Lothian Council and Partners want to keep children in West Lothian safe.

If you see children on a building site or on scaffolding, please call. Calling the police will receive an immediate response.

Please telephone:

  • 999 (emergency) or
  • 101 (non-emergency), to help keep children in West Lothian SAFE.