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Tenant Information and Publications

We actively keep tenants up to date of any developments that are happening. We also seek the views of those we come in contact with to allow us to improve the service.

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Property Standard when let

When you start a new tenancy the property should meet pdf icon this standard. [42kb].

Terminating a Tenancy

When you wish to terminate a tenancy you must advise us in writing by downloading the pdf icon Vacating Your Property Leaflet [57kb] form, completing it, and handing it in to your local council office. Following receipt your Housing Officer will contact you to arrange an inspection of the property and discuss any rent due.

When you vacate the property you must ensure that it is clear of all your possessions including furniture and floor coverings and any damage must be rectified before returning the keys.  The council is entitled to charge you for any work required to make your property ready for the next tenant.

Parking and Garages

If you have a car you must park it in your driveway, if you have one, or in the space provided.

If you do not have a parking space please make sure that you do not block roads, paths or grassed areas. You need to make sure there is enough space for fire engines, ambulances and police cars to get through.

You need our written permission before parking a motor vehicle, boat or caravan in your garden, drying area or communal grassed area.

Applying for a garage or lock-up in West Lothian

West Lothian Council has lock-up garages or plots in most parts of West Lothian.

Lock-up garages help protect your car against theft and accidental damage or vandalism. In winter, a lock-up keeps your car free of frost.

Successful applicants are selected on a date order basis, with council tenants receiving priority. All other applicants including owner-occupiers will have their applications placed on the waiting list.

If you are interested in applying for a lock-up garage/plot, please download and complete thepdf icon application form [83kb] and return it to your local Council office.