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Insurance and Insurance Claims

The Council strongly advises all tenants to take out a contents insurance policy to cover your personal belongings.

If you do not take out contents insurance, and something happens, then you risk losing all your belongings and not having the money to replace or repair them.

West Lothian Council has made it easy for its tenants to insure their belongings by setting up its own household insurance scheme. This is open to any council tenant.

For further information please contact our Customer Service team on 01506 280000 or the Revenues Unit on 01506 282020 (option 4).

You do not need Building Insurance.  We insure the structure of your home. As long as you are a council tenant and have not exercised your right to buy you do not have to insure the walls, doors, ceilings, roof, chimneys and window structures.

If your council property has been damaged by fire you, as the tenant, are responsible for making good any damage. This is normally covered by standard household insurance policies so you should make sure that you have contents insurance on your house.

In the event of damage by flood, once it has been identified where the problem lies, if the property causing this issue is Council owned we will make arrangements to have the fault rectified. If the fault lies with an owner they will be approached and told to have the problem repaired. All damage caused by flooding or any other fault should be claimed through the tenant's own home insurance with the exception of items that would require replacement such as new wall or base units, wall and ceiling boards and so on. The Council will replace these items and re-charge the the price of this work to the person who originally caused the damage.