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West Lothian Countryside Access Forum

Local access forums are statutory advisory bodies which aims to deliver a balanced representation of land managers, participants in outdoor access, communities and public agencies.

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The aim of the forum is to provide advice on outdoor access in West Lothian to the council and via the council to other persons or bodies consulting the forum through a consensual approach which is inclusive of all interests.


The objectives of the forum are to:

  • act as the local access forum for West Lothian and to undertake the functions of that body
  • advise us on strategic access issues and the development of the core path network in West Lothian through the policies and priorities of the Draft West Lothian Core Paths Plan
  • promote responsible access through the Scottish Outdoor Access Code
  • promote the sharing of knowledge, awareness, and good practice in access
  • offer us advice which will assist in resolving access problems.

The West Lothian Access Forum generally meets three times a year. The Forum's Steering Group meets a further three or four times a year to advise and assist the council in the more day to day issues related to access across the district.

Minutes are available from the Related Documents section. Previous minutes are available upon request.