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Elected Members

Human resources information and downloadable forms for the council's elected members.

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Scheme of Elected Members Allowances & Expenses

Multi Member Ward Working

The introduction of multi-member wards following the 2007 elections has created new challenges for elected members and officers of the council.

The online guidance provides relevant information to guide elected members and officers in the new style of working

Ward Working Practices

Officers must ensure that all ward members:

  • are kept informed and have an input to matters affecting their wards
  • receive invitations to public meetings, photo-calls or launches etc.
  • views are sought on consultative events relating to a particular ward
  • special presentations to constituents will be on behalf of all ward members e.g. flowers

Dealing With Constituents

When dealing with constituents issues it is useful to remember that:

  • individuals will choose to approach a particular member
  • the Data Protection Act 1998 prohibits sharing constituents personal details
  • officers will need to ensure appropriate confidentiality
  • casework will be duplicated
  • consistent advice must be provided in all cases

Legislation & Protocols