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Improvements and Modernisation

Planned Maintenance, Repairs, Improvement and Insurance

External Wall Insulation

In light of the tragic events at the Grenfell Tower in London, both the pdf icon Everwarm statement [91kb] and pdf icon Wetherby statement [207kb] show the information you need to know in terms of the External Wall Insulation work the council is currently carrying out.


Improvement and modernisation programmes are major works that have been identified as needed for a number of council houses in your area. Surveys are being carried out on council houses to identify the work required to meet, and exceed, the Scottish Housing Quality Standards (SHQS). Our programme includes:

You will be advised if work is being carried out on or around your property. 

Compensation for Dehumidifier usage within Council Homes

We have reviewed our procedure for compensating our tenants for electricity usage when we have to use a dehumidifier following a flood within the property.

In circumstances where a person qualifies for compensation and has arrears, either of rent or council tax, any compensation payment will normally be paid directly to the rent account or council tax accounts and the tenant informed accordingly.

Building Insurance

We insure the structure of your home. As long as you are a council tenant and have not exercised your right to buy you do not have to insure the walls, doors, ceilings, roof, chimneys and window structures.

Contents Insurance

The Council strongly advises all tenants to take out a contents insurance policy to cover personal belongings. More information is available on the insurance page.