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Apply for a Taxi Card

If you are unable to use ordinary buses you can apply for a Taxicard.

The taxicard entitles you to receive a discount of up to £3 on a maximum of 104 trips a year.

Application Forms

The  pdf icon Taxicard Application Form [122kb] can be downloaded, or alternatively please call 01506 282 319 to arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

Do I qualify?

You may qualify if you:

  • Are registered Blind (please include a copy of your letter from Visual Impairment Services)
  • Are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (High Rate Mobility Component or High Rate Attendance Allowance).
  • Are in receipt of was pension's mobility supplement.
  • Are a permanent user of a wheelchair.
  • Are in possession of Blue Badge issued by West Lothian Council.
  • Are age 85 or over and has a severe walking difficulty.
  • Suffer from dementia (must be certified by hospital authorities).
  • Suffer from a terminal illness affecting mobility (must be certified by General Practitioner or hospital).
  • Suffering from motor neurone disease (as certified by general practitioner)
  • Suffer from agoraphobia, as certified by Community Psychiatric Nursing Service (CPNS).