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Report an Abandoned Vehicle

The police and the council work together to deal with abandoned vehicles and follow strict rules before a vehicle can be removed

Should you wish to report this issue anonymously, please call our Contact Centre on 01506 280000

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If you think a vehicle has been abandoned, contact your local police station or the council. Your can report an abandoned by using our online form below.

What is an abandoned vehicle?

An abandoned vehicle is any motor car, van, caravan, motor cycle or trailer which has apparently been left by its owner/most recent user. Often it will have been left in the same location for some time. A vehicle is considered to be abandoned if it meets the following criteria:

  • The vehicle structure/glass has been damaged by vandalism as opposed to damage caused by a road traffic accident 
  • The vehicle has unsecured doors, boot open etc. 
  • The vehicle has been partially or fully burnt out.
How long before vehicle is removed?

Normally an abandoned vehicle will be removed within seven days. However, if the vehicle is considered to be a hazard to the public we will remove it within 24 hours. By law we must wait seven full days after putting on the notice before removing and destroying the vehicle.