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The latest population and census figures for West Lothian.


The population of West Lothian is 181,310 (National Records of Scotland 2017 mid-year estimate) and it is predicted to increase throughout the period to 2041 with the population predicted to be 190,976 at 2025, 195,601 at 2030 and 203,121 at 2041 (National Records of Scotland 2016 based population projections).


For census and other data about population and households:

Scotland's Census 2011 - is the main source of information from the 2011 Census.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) - are responsible for the registration of births, marriages, civil partnerships, deaths, divorces, and adoptions. NRS runs the Census and uses Census and other data to publish information about population and households. NRS is the main source of family history records.

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics - is the Scottish Government's on-going programme to improve the availability, consistency and accessibility of small area statistics in Scotland. The website provides information on a range of small area statistics including information on health, education, poverty, unemployment, housing, population, crime and social / community issues at the data zone level and above.