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Strategic Development Plan

The Edinburgh and South East Scotland Strategic Development Planning Area (SDPA), which was designated by Scottish Ministers on 25 June 2008 comprises City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, Fife, Scottish Borders and West Lothian Councils. The key role of the SDPA is to prepare and maintain an up-to-date Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for the area, the first of which SESplan (SDP1), was approved by Scottish Ministers on 27 June 2013.

The key role of SESplan is to prepare and maintain an up to date strategic development plan (SDP) for the area. Individual councils will have to prepare Local Development Plans (LDP) in order to implement the requirements of the new SDP. The Strategic Development Plan replaces the Edinburgh and the Lothians Structure Plan, the Fife Structure Plan (in part) and the Scottish Borders Structure Plan.

Scottish Ministers approved Strategic Development Plan 1 with modifications in June 2013. The modifications included a requirement that SESplan prepare supplementary guidance to identify the individual housing requirements for each Local Development Plan area. The supplementary guidance was approved by Scottish Ministers and was formally adopted as part of the development plan by all SESplan authorities on 28 October 2014.

Information about the Scottish Ministers decision is also available on the planning pages of the Scottish Government website. and on the SESplan website

SESplan - Strategic Development Plan 2 (SDP2)

In October 2016, SESplan published the second SDP Proposed Plan for consultation. The period for making representations ended in November 2016 and SESplan have since reviewed all of the submissions and prepared responses to all unresolved issues.

At a meeting on 13 March 2017, SESplan's Joint Committee approved in principle the submission documents for Proposed Strategic Development Plan 2. This included SESplan's responses to the comments received on the Proposed Plan for a range of issues including the Spatial Strategy and Housing. 

The Joint Committee reconvened on 26 June 2017 to consider the final submission package and subsequently agreed to submit the Proposed Plan to Scottish Ministers for examination.

A reporter was appointed to examine the outstanding issues and consider if changes should be made to the plan and the Report of Examination was submitted to Scottish Ministers on 20 July 2018. 

The Scottish Ministers will now consider the report and decide whether or not to approve the proposed plan. They may approve the proposed plan in whole or in part, and with or without modifications, or they may reject it. Where they modify the proposed plan, they will be required to set out the modifications and their reasons for making them. Following approval of the proposed plan, SESplan will publish the approved plan, and any modifications.

Further details on the examination are available on the  Scottish Government's Planning and Environmental Appeals Division website.

The Proposed Plan and all supporting documents are available to download on the Proposed Plan 2016 page.

All representations made on the Proposed Plan are now available to view on the SESplan consultation portal

You can also find out more on the timetable for progressing SDP 2 and any future Strategic Development Plan by viewing pdf icon Development Plan Scheme No.10 [1Mb] which was approved by the SESplan Joint Committee at its meeting on 19 March 2018.