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Alcohol Licences

If you wish to sell alcohol then you will need a licence. This includes events where alcohol is provided following the purchase of an entrance ticket.

All alcohol licences for premises within West Lothian (including outdoor areas) are issued by West Lothian Licensing Board. The sale of alcohol is controlled by the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, which requires the following five licensing objectives to be upheld, when sales of alcohol are taking place;

  • Preventing Crime and Disorder
  • Securing Public Safety
  • Preventing Public Nuisance
  • Protecting and Improving Public Health
  • Protecting Children and Young Persons from Harm

Unless the premises are covered by a premises licence Premises Licence an occasional licence Occasional Licence will be needed to authorise sales of alcohol on a temporary basis. Information regarding the different types of alcohol licences and applications can be found below.

Each local government area must have a Licensing Board and West Lothian Licensing Board consists of 8 Board members. A Convener - elected at the first meeting after the council election and holds office until the next election, and 7 ordinary members.

West Lothian Licensing Board Statement of Licensing Policy

A copy of the Board's policy statement for 2018-2023 and a summary of the responses received to the consultation are available in the related documents section of this page.

Copies of the Board's policy are also available free of charge from West Lothian Civic Centre reception, Howden South Road, Livingston, EH54 6FF from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Friday.

All agents, licence holders and new applicants are advised to read the policy prior to submitting any applications for licences, variations or reviews.

Types of alcohol licences and applications
Current Alcohol Applications

 Information on pdf icon how to make representations or object to Premises Licence or Major Variation [60kb]

Licensed Premises Public List

The following list contains details of current licensed premises, the list is updated regularly and at least every 12 weeks. The list gives details of the information that Licensing Boards have a duty to publish, and is as follows;

  • Name of Premises
  • Address of Premises
  • Name of Premises Licence Holder
  • Whether On-Sales, Off-Sales or Both
  • Name of Designated Premises Manager

For the avoidance of doubt this is the only information available to members of the public.

pdf icon Public List [82kb]

Personal Licence Holders Public List

The following list contains details of current personal licence holders, the list is updated regularly and at least every 12 weeks. The list gives details of the information that Licensing Boards have a duty to publish, and is as follows;

  • Licence number
  • Name
  • Commencement date
  • Renewal date

For the avoidance of doubt this is the only information available to members of the public.

pdf icon Personal Licence Holders Public List [93kb]

Revoked Personal Licences

A list of personal licences granted by the West Lothian Licensing Board which have been revoked by the Board from 2 December 2014 due to the licence holders detailed in the list not having complied with the legal requirement to produce a certificate of refresher training to the Board within the required period. This list will be updated on a regular basis with any additional names of personal licence holders who have had their licenses revoked.

pdf icon Revoked Personal Licence List [69kb] 

Complaints regarding the operation of licensed premises

If you wish to complain about the operation of a licensed premises you should initially make your complaint to

Should you not be satisfied on the regarding the outcome of your complaint you can request a review of the premises licence and can find further information relating to premises licence reviews

Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

From 1 May 2018 Alcohol can only be sold at or above 50 pence per unit. For further information and guidance please visit the Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing webpage.

Local Licensing Forum (LLF)

The Forum is independent from the Licensing Board but at the same time they share the common goal of having the best interest of the local community at the heart of decision making.

The role of the Forum is to keep under review the operation of the new Licensing Act in the Forum area and to review the relevant Licensing Board functions. It is also their role to give advice and make recommendations to the Board in relation to those matters as the Forum considers appropriate. This will be mainly at a policy level as the Forum cannot comment on individual cases.

Find out more about the Local Licensing Forum.

Gaming Machines in Licensed Premises

The Gambling Commission has published a quick guide regarding gaming machines in licensed premises, including but not limited to pubs. A copy of the guide can be accessed through the following link Gaming Machines Quick Guide

Further information including the Board's form for gaming machine notifications and applications for gaming machine permits is available on the following page Gaming Permits

Project Argus

Police Scotland is running a training programme called Project ARGUS, a National Counter Terrorism Security Office initiative, exploring ways to aid organisations in preventing, handling and recovering from a terrorist attack. The training achieves this by taking delegates through a realistic terrorist attack using a multi-media simulation. A series of questions and challenges are put to delegates, both individually and as a group. Delegates will work in small syndicate groups and develop responses to the attack.

The programme can focus on specific sectors of business including the Night Time Economy and is available to licensed trade organisations and members of the licensed trade.

The training is delivered by Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSA), takes up to 3 hours and is free of charge.

Police Scotland advise that the threat Level in the UK is currently at SEVERE, meaning 'an attack is highly likely'. They also advise that, while there is no specific intelligence at this time which can help them to identify possible targets, events in Europe in the past few years have shown us that an attack can happen anywhere.

The message from Police Scotland is 'Be Alert Not Alarmed'. More information is available here Project Argus