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Council Tax bands

Information on the council tax band of your house, who gives your house its council tax band and how to appeal the band your house has been given.

About Council Tax Banding

The assessor, who works for the Lothian Valuation Joint Board, values your home and puts it into one of eight valuation bands from A to H. The value is based on how much your home was worth on the open market on 1 April 1991.

You can check the valuation band of your home on the Scottish Assessors Association website.

All Council Tax bands have a relationship with band D, known as the multiplier. This is set out in the table below.

Note: If you have purchased a property that has been improved since it was last purchased (e.g. an extension has been added) the assessor may revalue the property and place it in a higher valuation band.

BandValue of the propertyCouncil Tax multiplier to band DWater & waste water charges multiplier to band D
AUp to £27,000240/3606/9
B£27,001 to £35,000280/3607/9
C£35,001 to £45,000320/3608/9
D£45,001 to £58,000360/3609/9
E£58,001 to £80,000473/36011/9
F£80,001 to £106,000585/36013/9
G£106,001 to £212,000705/36015/9
HOver £212,000882/36018/9

How to appeal your Council Tax band

You can appeal against your Council Tax band by contacting the assessor. You must continue to pay your Council Tax until the assessor has made a decision on your appeal.