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Parks, gardens and open spaces

West Lothian Council is committed to ensuring the area is well served with a wide range of public parks, play parks, gardens and other open spaces for everyone to enjoy.

  • Children's Play Areas

    West Lothian Council inspect and maintain play areas all year round.

  • Open Space Strategy

    West Lothian Council's Open Space Strategy provides an overall vision for the provision, development, regeneration and management of open spaces throughout West Lothian.

  • Weed Control

    Non-native plant species are those that have been brought in to the country by humans. There are many non-native species throughout Scotland. A small number of these cause damage to the environment, the economy, our health and the way we live.

  • Almondvale Park

    The council allocated funds to Almondvale Park to upgrade it from 2014-17. We were also successful in gaining extra funds from Sustrans to ensure that the park provides an attractive and lively outdoor recreation area in central Livingston.

  • Parks and Gardens - Information and Events

    NETs, Land and Countryside Services are responsible for parks, park improvements, recreation areas, open spaces and sports grounds maintenance. Our teams also inspect and maintain children's play equipment and administer the garden maintenance scheme and the annual gardens competition. Trees in parks and on council property are managed and maintained by our Tree and woodland management team.

  • Gardens Competition

    West Lothian Council annually holds a Gardens Competition. The competition is for amateurs and non-professionals and aims to encourage local residents to get involved in gardening. Gardening is a healthy, fun activity that enhances and enriches not just your own property but the wider West Lothian community.

  • Report Issues at a Public Park

    How to report issues with public parks in West Lothian.

  • Report Overgrown Trees, Bushes and Hedges

    How to report issues with Overgrown Trees, Bushes and Hedges in West Lothian.