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Housing Advice

A broad range of information and advice relating to housing and homes in West Lothian.

  • Dampness in Homes

    Dampness can appear in a number of homes and can be caused by faults in the structure, not enough heating, not enough insulation, not enough ventilation or the way the house is used. Dampness can lead to mould growth which can make breathing problems worse.

  • Looking after your home

    Advice and guidance for Looking after your home

  • Home safety

    Advice and guidance for Home safety

  • Energy Advice

    Help and advice on how to take control of energy bills and save energy

  • Council housing

    Advice and guidance for Council housing

  • Repairs and Maintenance

    Advice and guidance for Repairs and Maintenance

  • Changes to your home

    Advice and guidance for Changes to your home. This includes housing advice, preparing for your new house, mutual exchanges, relocation grants, as well as equipment and Adaptations.

  • Charges and benefits

    Advice and guidance for Charges and benefits

  • Home improvement

    Advice and guidance for Home improvement

  • Homeless and Potentially Homeless

    Advice and guidance for those who are Homeless or Potentially Homeless.

  • Housing Options Guide

    The Guide to Housing Options covers the main types of housing solution that is potentially available in West Lothian.

  • Housing options - your toolkit

    This web based tool asks a series of questions in order to gather information on your current housing circumstances. It uses the information you provide to point you in the direction of which housing options may be available to you in the West Lothian area.

  • Advice and Support

    How to get information and advice about any housing issue or problem.