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About your council

Find out how the council is structured, information on council meetings, how decisions are made and how our services are performing.

West Lothian Council is a publicly accountable organisation. West Lothian Council is one of 32 Scottish unitary local authorities, serving a community of over 175,000 citizens in central Scotland. Thirty-three elected members (councillors) representing nine multi-member wards are elected every four years.

West Lothian Council's mission statement is -

"striving for excellence... working with and for our communities"

... and the following values demonstrate the practices West Lothian Council employees should adopt.

values - we are striving for excellence in:

  • focusing on our customers` needs
  • being honest, open and accountable
  • providing equality of opportunities
  • developing employees
  • making best use of our resources
  • working in partnership

West Lothian Council's priorities are:

1.     Improving attainment and positive destinations for school children

2.     Delivering positive outcomes and early interventions for early years

3.     Minimising poverty, the cycle of deprivation and promoting equality

4.     Improving the quality of life for older people

5.     Improving the employment position in West Lothian

6.     Delivering positive outcomes on health

7.     Reducing crime and improving community safety

  • Council Structure

    The council has a Chief Executive and three Depute Chief Executives. Each is responsible for service areas as shown:

  • Council minutes, meetings and agendas

    All information relating to council minutes, meetings and agendas is available via the Council Information System (CoIns)

  • Corporate Plan

    The Corporate Plan sets West Lothian Council's strategic direction and identifies our priorities for the years between 2018/19 and 2022/23. These priorities are the focus for all council services, as we work together to deliver better services for West Lothian.

  • Council Performance

    The Council Performance section explains how well our services perform and how the council will improve services. This includes the way that the council collates, tracks and reports performance, explaining what this means and what action is needed to improve our service performance.

  • Emergency Planning

    The Emergency Planning Service is responsible for ensuring that the council has emergency response arrangements in place to enable it to respond effectively in times of crisis.

  • Civic Centre

    West Lothian's stunning Civic Centre is thought to be the biggest public sector partnership of its kind in the UK.

  • Governance

    Governance is the system by which local authorities direct and control their functions and relate to their communities.

  • Provost

    The Provost, Councillor Tom Kerr Ch.Eng., F.I.Mar.Eng. is the civic head of West Lothian.

  • Finance Information

    The Annual Accounts

  • Associated Organisations

    Some local government activities are delivered by organisations associated with the council. Some of these organisations are wholly owned by West Lothian Council or are separate public bodies which are governed by one or more council. These bodies are also covered by FOISA and must adopt their own publication scheme.

  • Concessions and Charges

    Information on concessions and charges - 2015/16 to 2017/18

  • Equality & Diversity

    Equality is relevant to us all. Addressing discrimination and promoting equality are everyone's core business.

  • Brexit Information

    The UK and Scottish Governments have produced advice and guidance to help individual citizens and businesses prepare for the process of leaving the EU.

  • Transforming Your Council

    It is expected that West Lothian Council will have to make estimated savings of £73 million over the next five years, resulting in changes to local services.

  • Vacancies for Lay Members of the Audit Committee and Governance and Risk Committee

    West Lothian Council has established an Audit Committee and a Governance & Risk Committee and is seeking to appoint an independent non-councillor member to both of these committees. You may apply for the Audit Committee, the Governance and Risk Committee, or both.