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Lowland Crofting

West Lothian Council's innovative "Lowland Crofting" Scheme was designed around promoting opportunities for rural businesses.

"Lowland Crofting" or as it is properly called Very Low Density Rural Housing and Woodland Development, is a programme of farm diversification, designed to allow small areas of farms to be released for very low density housing. Each housing plot in the scheme has a few hectares; allowing space for working from home or running a small business. There are thirteen crofting schemes in West Lothian, all in the western side of the country, where it was hoped they might contribute to the economic development of the area.

25 years on from the scheme's initial inclusion in the Local Plan, West Lothian Council is looking to quantify the scheme's contribution to West Lothian's economy. Firstly to ascertain how many local businesses operate from the thirteen "Lowland Croft" sites; secondly by drawing your attention to LEADER Rural Grants Scheme and the council's FREE Business Directory. 

Please take the time to fill out the short survey, Results will NOT be shared with any other external parties and results will be summarized and remain anonymous. This survey will run for approximately six weeks: West Lothian Lowland Crofting survey

Please also follow the link below for information on how to access LEADER funding: LEADER Rural Grants Scheme 

Also the application form for West Lothian's Business Directory

Most businesses in West Lothian are entitled to a FREE entry in the directory. This will act as a FREE web advert for your business attracting customers and boosting your search engine rankings.