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Report Litter

To report a litter issue please use our online form . Please provide as much information as possible about the location and extent of the problem.

Should you wish to report this issue anonymously, please call our Contact Centre on 01506 280000 

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Information on Litter Bins/Dog Bins

New requests for Litter/Dog bins can also be made by email Requests will be first evaluated by our Nets, Land Services & Countryside team to assess the locations suitability

Litter Fines

It is a crime to drop litter. You can get an on the spot fine of £80 for littering, and if the case goes to court, you could be liable to pay up to £2,500. You can also be prosecuted if your child drops litter and you do not pick it up. 

The most commonly found litter is the litter from smoking, drinks, sweets and crisps and fast food.