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Report a Grit Bin Issue

You can request a grit bin to be refilled, request a a replacement grit bin where it is missing, damaged or broken, or request a grit bin where one isn't present, using the online form below.

Should you wish to report this issue anonymously, please call our Contact Centre on 01506 280000

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Please Read the Grit Bin Policy in the dropdown box below before completing this form

Grit Bin Policy
  • Only provided on sites with difficult conditions.
  • Bins will only be located where they can be filled from a lorry.
  • Only replenished during and immediately after periods of adverse weather or upon request from the public as resources allow.
  • No provision in private areas or car parks for internal use by either Council or any other public or private property such as schools, parks, hospitals, old people's homes, lunch clubs etc. unless a service level agreement is in place.
  • Bins will not be designated to serve a carriageway if that carriageway is designated as a primary route or snow route.
  • Bins will not be designated to serve a footway if that footway is designated as a primary route or snow route.
  • Only written requests for bins will be considered.
  • A request will not be accepted unless a location to site the bin has been agreed. Therefore, even if the criterion for locating the bin is met, none will be provided if residents cannot agree a position.
  • The position of any proposed bin should not obstruct the passage of pedestrians.
  • Grit bins will be left in-situ during the summer months unless the responsible officer confirms that they are causing a public nuisance.
  • Bins should be yellow and tagged with a unique id number and their position recorded in the electronic database.

In times of an extreme weather event it is not always possible to service and replenish grit bins due to their location and the deployment of resources in higher priority areas.

In the event that West Lothian Council suspends the grit bin service then Road Services will provide temporary grit bags and grit heaps at strategic locations across West Lothian for use by the public. The locations of the grit bags and grit heaps will be advertised to the public when the service is in operation.

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