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Book and pay for your bulky uplift online.

pdf icon Privacy Notice – Operational Services – online request for service [78kb]

From 1 April 2018 all bulky uplifts will be charged at £25 for up to five items.

If you wish to change the number / type of items after your booking has been made this must be done by 12 noon (lunch time) the day before the collection is due or you may forfeit your collection appointment.

Fridges/Freezers, if requested, will be classed as one of your five items and so do not have to be booked separately. 

Please note that wardrobes should be broken down and taped into bundles as follows

A 2 door wardrobe is 1 item
A 3 door wardrobe is 2 items
A 4 door wardrobe is 3 items
An over bed unit wardrobe is 3 items

pdf icon Bulky Uplift - Guidance on number of items [973kb]

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