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West Lothian Local Plan

The West Lothian Local Plan is the main policy document that sets out a vision of how West Lothian should develop in a sustainable way, it is used by us for making decisions on development proposals and should be used by you before you make or comment on a planning application.

This West Lothian Local Plan is the first district wide local plan for West Lothian (adopted in January 2009) and in time will be replaced by the West Lothian Local Development Plan.

West Lothian Local Plan text and maps

You can find all the current policies, which are taken into consideration when making a planning application in West Lothian, in the West Lothian Local Plan text document. You can use the maps, which are named by the main settlement areas, with the document to identify sites described.

Please note we have improved the readability of the maps, but this has resulted in an increase in the file size. We hope this does not cause inconvenience. If you are having difficulty downloading the plans please contact us.

    The adopted local plan is available for inspection free of charge during normal opening hours at all libraries and CIS offices. We also have hard copies of the plan available for purchase at a cost of £35 (including postage and packaging) or £25 if you collect from our offices at the Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston, EH54 6FF.