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Let's Get It Right For Autism

Let's Get it Right for Autism is a project which aims to improve the quality of life of individuals in West Lothian with Autism.

West Lothian Council have set aside £10,000 and want the community to decide how it is spent. Parents, carers, individuals with autism and other members of the community have been voting online for the past few weeks and the winners have now been announced. Funding will be awarded to the following projects:

'Talking Tactics', Broxburn United Sports Club & Team United

To provide an opportunity for young people to participate in a 'player pathway' to engage young people with Autism with physical activity and sport. This will include access to sport/physical activity, social club, awards scheme, buddy support scheme and health/wellness activities. Project will recruit 12 young people with autism (S1-4) ages 11-14 for 16 sessions.

'Lego Club', Signpost 

To develop a Lego Club for young people aged 7-12. This will provide an opportunity for children with Autism and their siblings to enjoy themselves in an environment where they can share their interest in Lego with others.  Parents would be asked to stay during the session and have the opportunity to chat to other parents and participate in discussions/information sharing supported by signpost staff. This would be for up to 16 young people of which 10 would be children on the spectrum. One session per week (1.5 hours) for 7 weeks. Parents would be asked to contribute £20 per child to secure place.

'Winchburgh Inspiring Inclusion', Winchburgh Youth Space 

To develop Wincburgh Inspiring Inclusion project to support children and young people from the village to engage in local youth and children's provision through the recruitment of staff to enable attendance of children with Autism, rolling out Autism awareness raising sessions and providing volunteer training opportunities for parent volunteers. The aim of the project is to create a much more inclusive community where there is an increased awareness and understanding of Autism.

Youth Inclusion Project 

To develop access to resources for young people who live with autism and to enable staff to support young people with Autism to become confident and independent individuals. This project will actively engage a group of young people to access appropriate activities to improve their health and wellbeing and ensure they have the necessary paperwork to support their transition to adulthood and the world of work. Funding will help establish routines and opportunities that will lead to education, employment and training opportunities.

'Caern Project', Barnado's 

To run a youth club in West Lothian for 10 weeks for up to 10 children and young people from P6 to S6. The club would aim to increase social opportunities by supporting young people to socialise with each other and provide a structured environment to reduce anxiety. The youth club aims to be a 'launching pad' for young people who may have found it difficult to be in social situations previously.


Please click on the links below to here more about the ideas groups and organisations have put forward.