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The West Lothian LEADER Programme 2014-2020

LEADER is a European grant scheme that delivers support for rural communities in West Lothian.

West Lothian LEADER
West Lothian LEADER

The scheme is administered via West Lothian Council and a decision making body called the West Lothian Local Action Group (LAG).  The aim of LEADER is to increase community capacity, to build knowledge and skills, encourage innovation and promote co-operation in rural areas via the delivery of a Local Development Strategy (LDS).


Project Funding

West Lothian has an allocation of £2.17 million - split between the following priorities:

  • Rural Enterprise
  • Farm Diversification
  • Co-operation
  • General Project Fund

The amount of funding that can be applied for some parts of the scheme like farm diversification is set by Europe.

The LAG has set guidelines for minimum and maximum rates and project sizes for the general project fund.
These rates are guidelines only and West Lothian Leader will consider applications for grants outside of these rates where an applicant has demonstrated adequate reason to do so.

  • Minimum project size: £10,000
  • Maximum Project size: £200,000
  • Minimum intervention:  £5,000 or 10% whichever is greater
  • Maximum intervention: £100,000 or 60% whichever is smaller


Project SizeMinimum GrantMaximum Grant


Our themes and outcomes for the current programme are:

Theme 1: Well-connected Communities

  • Outcome 1: Improved digital inclusion
  • Outcome 2: Improved access to affordable transport
  • Outcome 3: Improved knowledge sharing and partnership working

Theme 2: Stronger Communities

  • Outcome 4: Improved skills and increased access to job opportunities
  • Outcome 5: More sustainable social enterprises and small businesses
  • Outcome 6: Reduced rural poverty and improved financial inclusion
  • Outcome 7: Making the most of community assets
  • Outcome 8: Improved health and wellbeing in rural communities

Theme 3: Improved Local Environment

  • Outcome 9: Preserved and enhanced local heritage, landscape and environment
  • Outcome 10: Improved visitor numbers and experience
Cross-Cutting Themes

It is expected that all LEADER projects will address these themes

  • Equalities
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability (by which we mean continuity and/or legacy)
  • Partnership working
To apply:

Before developing a full application, an expression of interest must be submitted via the Rural Networks website.  We would recommend familiarising yourself with the short version of our pdf icon Local Development Strategy [849kb] in order to see if your project is a good fit for the scheme and for the full version please contact us at the details above.  Please click here for our pdf icon application deadlines and award dates [16kb].


Local Action Group (LAG)

This group is made up of representatives from public and private organisations as well as community minded individuals.  Along with scoring projects and awarding grants, the West Lothian LAG is responsible for developing the LDS, promoting the LEADER programme and supporting applicants. Membership is voluntary and anyone can apply to be a member of the LAG at any time during the course of the programme but please bear in mind that numbers are limited so priority may be given to those with experience in certain fields or who live or work in underrepresented areas.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

LEADER Co-ordinator: Kat Purser
Tel:01506 283 094