B8084 Armadale/Whitburn - Road Closures/Footway Closures/Parking Suspensions (Sunday 6 Sep)

Various closures and suspensions will be in place on the B8084 for construction of a new cycle path and a traffic island.

Road closure:

  • B8084 between Whitdale Roundabout and Southdale Avenue.

Footway closures:

  • East footway on Whitdale Roundabout, from A706 Armadale Road to B8084
  • East footway / verge on Southdale Avenue from Southdale Way to cycle path north of rail bridge

Speed restriction to 30 mph:

  • B8084 between Whitdale Roundabout and Southdale Avenue;
  • A706 Armadale Road from B7066 to B8084, including Whitdale Roundabout and then north-eastwards for 130m along the A706 towards Boghead Roundabout.

Parking Suspension:

  • Southdale Way, both sides full length.


Note: the road closure will only be for a short time during the duration of the work.

  • The footpath closure and restrictions will take place between 6pm on Sunday 6 September and 6pm on Friday 4 December
  • The road closure will take place between 2 November and 18 November

Diversion via A706, A801, A89 Bathgate Road, A89 East Main Street, B8084 South Street and B8084 Station Road.  

Access to be maintained from the A706 at Whitdale Roundabout to Tippethill House Hospital, Tippethill Farm and The Royal Regent Cantonese Restaurant.

Map of Closure and Diversion