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Placemaking in Whitburn

A 'masterplan' has been finalised for Whitburn in December 2015 which outlines how to develop the town.

Placemaking in Whitburn

In March and April 2015, funding was provided by the Scottish Government and the council to undertake a town centre 'charrette' (an intensive planning and community engagement exercise) in Whitburn. This recognised that an approach that looked at the planned and potential investments for the town as a whole was required.

The purpose of the charrette was to integrate the various elements of planned investment and activity into a single cohesive masterplan for the area to:

  • maximise investment through providing decision-makers with an evidence based, holistic plan for the town to inform resource allocation and attract external funding;
  • create a shared vision for the town and wider Whitburn area, in particular, to inform planning for the town centre and partnership centre;
  • better link and integrate the Heartlands development and Polkemmet Country Park with the town centre; and
  • ensure effective community involvement in regenerating the Whitburn area, and provide a basis for future community engagement for the development of the town.

The full report pdf icon Placemaking In Whitburn Final Report 8 December 2015 [6Mb] was finalised in December 2015 and is split into two main parts:

  • Action Plan: This is based on the four themes which emerged at the outset of the charrette. This covers some aspects of the development framework but focuses on the other actions for council, Community Planning Partners and community organisations.
  • Development Framework: This is split into three parts: buildings, landscape and transport; and is intended to provide a comprehensive framework for moving forward and an ongoing reference point for funders and decision makers. The options are prioritised and references to them are made within the action plan.

Progress on the implementation of the masterplan will be reported to the meetings of the Whitburn and Blackburn Local Area Committee, the reports for which are available on COINS here

For further information contact Scott McKillop, Community Regeneration Officer, Area Services, West Lothian Council, Tel: 01506 281092 or