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Roads - Drains and Gullies

Cleaning drains and gullies  

West Lothian Council, has a responsibility to minimise obstruction to publicly owned roads and footpaths within the County.

If you have any concerns regarding a blocked or broken drain or gully on any road or footpath then please contact us as soon as possible, either directly or through the Customer Service Centre. If you are able to provide as much detail as possible regarding the location cause of the problem this will allow staff to asses the problem in the quickest possible time.

Your request will be assessed and if considered to be dangerous then the Council will make safe the condition within 24hours. Non emergencies will be prioritised and where appropriate will form part of our future works programme.

Service Standards

  • Provide an effective response to emergencies within 4 hours
  • Carry out safety inspections on all public roads to comply with the inspection intervals in the Code of Practice for Roads Maintenance.
  • Clean all gullies on public roads a minimum of once per year
  • Prioritise the road drainage work based on public safety, and minimising the council's exposure to risk
  • Consult with people that may be affected by road drainage works to minimise disruption and inconvenience.
  • Effectively monitor and maintain ditches and channels draining the public roads.
  • Comply with relevant regulations and codes of practice when undertaking drainage works.
  • Evaluate enquiries/requests relating to the service within 5 days and respond to the customer within 10 working days.
  • Acknowledge receipt of a complaint with a letter to the customer within 5 days and respond to the customer within 10 working days or longer if agreed between the service representative and the customer before the completion of the 10 day timescale.

Contact Details

Operational Services
Whitehill House
7 Whitestone Place
Whitehill Industrial Estate
EH48 2HA

Tel: 01506 280000
Fax: 01506 775099


updated 07/09/11