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Flooding - Support and Advice


Like many other parts of the United Kingdom, West Lothian is experiencing the effects of changing climate and an increased incidence of flooding affecting  homes and businesses. Research predicts that these trends will continue.

West Lothian Council has a dedicated Flood Risk Management Team who are responsible for evaluating  the causes of flooding within the county. The council aims to reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses in its area.

If you consider your property to be at risk from flooding the Council may be able to assist.

Flood Risk Management Report 2010

Flooding Fact Sheet

Service Standards

We aim to:

  • Assess watercourses, including culverted watercourses, on a prioritised basis to determine the need for maintenance to reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Clear any watercourse, which is in a condition likely to cause flooding in our communities.
  • Provide advice and guidance to colleagues in the planning authority on matters relating to flood prevention, sustainable drainage and the water environment
  • Investigate the causes of serious flooding and the feasibility of reducing the risk of occurrence, including the possible promotion of a Flood Protection Scheme.
  • Where homes and business' are susceptible to flooding, the Council will do everything it can to supply sandbags to help protect the property and reduce the effects of damage.
  • When demand for sandbags is at its height, we will prioritise the provision of sandbags to properties considered to be at the greatest risk. Sandbags will not generally be provided to protect outbuildings or garden ground.
  • Reduce peak demand and enable householders to help themselves, the Council will supply an appropriate number of filled sandbags or 'Aquasacs' on request to those householders that live in property with a history of flooding or otherwise deemed by the council to be at risk.
  • Attend flood events: carry out work to lessen the effects of flooding and co-ordinate clean up operations in the aftermath of flooding incidents liaising with colleagues in other council teams.

Contact Details

If you have further queries associated with flood risk then please do not hesitate to contact the council, providing as much detail as possible.

Customer Service Centre: Tel: 01506 280000

Updated 28/05/13