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Planning - forms and guidance


Planning applications may be submitted by anyone. Applications are considered in view of planning legislation, guidance, the Edinburgh and Lothians Structure Plan (new window) , Strategic Development Plan (new window), Local Development Plan (new window), West Lothian Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Guidance.

The council has approved supplementary planning guidance that may apply to your application, including developer contributions for such issues as affordable housing, schools, cemeteries and public art. Click here for further information.

Submit an application

eplanningSubmit your application online through the Scottish Government's e-planning website

Print the application forms out and post them to us at Development Management, County Buildings, High Street, Linlithgow, EH49 7EZ

Fill out the forms and email them to us at

Stop by our office at County Buildings, High Street, Linlithgow EH49 7EZ to pick up an application pack.

If you would like to find out more information about whether you need to make an application, please click here. If you are a householder and still have queries, please fill in our householder query form. Otherwise, please contact a planning officer on 01506 282456 or email us at 

To submit a notice of review to the Local Review Body, click here. (new window)

Alternatively, to download a planning application form, find more information about whether you need to make an application, or to find more information about the application process, please scroll down this page.

Please note that when you submit a planning application, the information, including the name and address of the applicant and agent, will appear on the Planning Register, the Regulatory List of Current Applications and Pre-Applications, and the weekly list. The completed forms and any associated documentation will be available for public access at the Development Management Office and published on the council's website.

Sensitive personal information, as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998, will be redacted from the published information. This information includes personal telephone numbers, signatures, personal email addresses and other information considered to be sensitive personal information under the Act.

Forms and guidance

West Lothian Council has separate forms for householders and non-householders. Please contact a planning officer on 01506 282456 if you have any queries.

For information about listed buildings and conservation areas click here (new window).

Householder (local) applications:

Non-householder applications (local and major):

Please note that the application form below can be used for both local and major applications. Developer contributions may be required for some applications. Please click here to read our guidance.

Major Planning Applications - Pre-application Consultation Pack:

Prior Notification and Prior Approval

Other forms and related documents

Committees of the council

Development Management Committee

Click here (new window) to access the meeting schedule, agenda and papers for the Development Management Committee

Local Review Body

Click here (new window) to access the meeting schedule, agenda, and papers for the Local Review Body

Click here (new window) for information regarding the Local Review Body and how to submit a review

West Lothian Council Planning Committee

Click here (new window) to access the meeting schedule, agenda, and papers for the West Lothian Council Planning Committee

Customer survey responses and customer led improvements

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2008/2009 Customer Led Improvements (47KB)


Updated 20/02/2012

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I find out about planning application decisions?

Formal decision letters are sent out to the applicant or their representative/ agent and all objectors as soon as possible. You can check with us to find out whether a decision about a particular application has been made, but you will need the correct address and preferably the correct application reference number. The case officer will be able to provide detailed information about the status of a particular application.

How can I find out whether planning permission has been granted for something which is currently being built?

If you have the address of where the works are being carried out, you can find out whether there are any planning permissions which relate to that address.