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Household waste - special collections for large items

Help to divert waste from landfill  

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Waste Services provides a special uplift service for items of bulky domestic waste.

Customers living within West Lothian may request up to a maximum of 3 FREE uplifts per year, thereafter customers will need to PAY for any additional uplifts.

For any additional uplifts from any household there will be a charge of £13.97 per uplift. Household uplifts will normally take place within seven working days from the date of your request.

To request a bulky uplift - please use our online booking form - click here (new window) or phone 01506 280000.

We collect general bulky items from:

  • Monday - Thursday - 7.00am to 2.00pm
  • Friday -  7.00am to  1.00pm

You will need to have all your items outside by 7.00am.

Important information about your bulky uplift

  • All items listed for uplift should be left together in an area outside which is accessible from 7.00am in the morning. Unfortunately we cannot uplift items from inside your property, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Fridges and Freezers are uplifted on a Saturday by a separate collection vehicle and must be left out before 6.00am. Fridge doors must be taped shut.
  • When booking your collection online, please note that the day advised only indicates the collection day for your area and not the specific collection date for your uplift. If we are not able to uplift on the first collection day indicated we will call or email you to advise accordingly.

Once you have requested your uplift you must ensure that:

  • All items are placed at ground level
  • Timber and laminated flooring should be maximum of 6ft length and 1ft wide. It should be tied or taped into manageable bundles. There must be no protruding nails or screws.

Please  Note: All glass objects such as mirrors , television screens and any other glazed units must first be taped before the item is uplifted, this to prevent it from breaking during transit

Items not uplifted
There are some types of material that for health and safety reasons, or because they may damage the mechanism on the collection vehicles, that may be unsuitable for an uplift.

  • Items that CANNOT be uplifted: Cast iron washing poles with concrete bases, supermarket trolleys (contact the supermarket concerned), garage doors, garden rollers, safes, clinical or any hazardous waste, storage heaters, cast iron baths, branches, grass clippings or other organic garden waste

The following items can be disposed of at any CRC Site (Community Recycling Centre) - Gas cylinders, oil and car batteries

Home Aid West Lothian
We sponsor a local charity called Home Aid West Lothian, which takes good quality, unwanted goods such as furniture, kitchenware and bedding etc and passes it on to needy people in the area. To arrange for an uplift call the charity direct on 01506 652230

Please note that you can also dispose of your household and garden waste free of charge at one of our Community Recycling Centres.

Service Standards

  • We will tell customer when the collection date will take place. Collection will normally be within 5 working days of request.
  • We will remove articles to be uplifted from the nearest point within the garden to the roadside
  • We will ensure that all articles are disposed of in accordance within current waste management legislation
  • Customer must specify all items to be uplifted and only these items will be uplifted (this is for risk and insurance purposes). All specified items must be grouped together.

The 3 FREE uplifts scheme which started in January 2007 does not include bulky waste from business or commercial properties.

Updated 9/4/14

Frequently Asked Questions

Click a question to see the answer.

Can I add to my special uplift order once I have paid?

We will not remove any item that is not on our order, so please do not place anything out for collection that was not part of your original order.

Can the council uplift items from inside the house?

Unfortunately we are not able to carry out an uplift from inside the house.

How can I get rid of old furniture?

You can take old, unwanted items of furniture to your CRC site (Community Recycling Centre), you can arrange for a special uplift, or you can donate it to charity.

How do I request a bulky uplift and make a payment

If you have a credit or debit card simply contact us on 01506 280000

How much does it cost to uplift a fridge/freezer?

The cost is £13.97, but these can be uplifted as one of the 3 free uplifts

How should items be presented?

Timber and floor laminate- should be maximum of 6ft length and 1ft wide, should be tied or taped into manageable bundles.There must be no protruding nails or screws. Fridges /freezers - all food must be removed before being presented for uplift. All doors must be taped up and made secure or removed. All fridges must be presented in an upright position. Beds, mattresses, sofas and carpets should be kept as dry as possible. Beds and mattresses should be stored in an upright position, preferably under a waterproof cover beside any other goods to be uplifted. Carpets should be rolled and taped. Furniture - Doors and drawers should be taken off or taped closed. Doors - any loose screws to be removed from hinges. Clear access must be provided at all times for access to goods Special Waste: E.g., asbestos waste will be collected on request, but the householder will be expected to meet the cost of collection.

Is there any discount on the cost for a special uplift if I am an OAP/unwaged?

No, there is no discount on the cost of a special uplift.

What items can be uplifted?

Beds and mattresses, Floor coverings, Furniture,Doors, Small Electrical items including computers, televisions and monitors.Cookers, Bikes, toys, Lawnmowers, Strimmers, Garden implements and furniture. Wooden garden fencing and garden sheds will not be uplifted as part of the free uplift. Customers should contact Waste Management Services to obtain a cost for the uplift of these items for which there is a charge Fridges /freezers (we will not uplift double sized, glass fronted fridges/freezers). All Fridge Freezer uplifts will take place by separate collection on SATURDAY White goods. This uplift takes place by separate collection.

What items cannot be collected?

The items that are not collected are: Car batteries and gas cannisters, Fixtures and fittings such as kitchen units, bathroom units, sinks, baths, showers, including associated plumbing, Garden sheds.These items can be disposed of at your local Community Recycling Centre which are open seven days a week. Alternatively we are able to make an arrangement for a separate uplift but this would incur a separate charge based on the actual cost of labour and transport used. This cost is currently £74.52/hour (including VAT) which will rise by the inflation rate. The cost charged will be estimated on inspection and communicated to the householder.

Where should I leave items for special uplift?

You should keep the items in your garden until the day of uplift. Items have to be retained within your own garden and placed at the nearest access point to the road. This will help staff locate the items more quickly